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Davina Lady



  • 20 years of real estate sales/consulting experience and 10 years of appraisal experience
  • Broker License: RB14033943
  • ​Certified General Appraiser License: CG41300048

Davina Lady is Fishers resident, but has worked all over central Indiana helping people and families buy and sell homes. She is known for her outstanding client service, 24/7 availability, relevant marketing techniques, consistent communication and for being a skilled negotiator.  She educates her clients throughout every step of the process arming them with top-notch information and market insight.  She is honest, hardworking and extremely knowledgeable about the real estate industry.  This knowledge comes from nearly 20 years of experience, working with top agents around the state and from being a Licensed Certified General Appraiser.

Davina Lady also serves as an active Board Member for the Geist Half Marathon, Inc, which is a non-profit organization that raises money every year to support health and wellness programs in local school districts in her community. So far over $400,000 has been given back to the schools as a result of the Geist Half Marathon event.

Davina Lady also has a great support team. Tonya Battee, Client Care Director, is a full time member of the Lady and Associates support staff. Tonya is a McCordville resident and is in the process of getting her real estate license. 

Lady and Associates 

Building A New Home

If you’re a fan of the latest technology and trends, and willing to break ground to get them, exploring new construction may be a perfect fit for you. Choices, such as space, energy efficiency and building materials are under your control when you are creating a new construction home.  Your options are nearly limitless as you choose everything from the floor plan to the roof line based on your own personal taste. 

Do you need to use a Realtor® from Lady and Associates to purchase a new construction home?  The simple answer is YES!  

Here are a few reasons why:

  1.  The sales agent you meet on site at the model home represents the builder – and the builder ONLY!  They are not there to “help” you, the consumer.  Using a skilled Realtor® from Lady and Associates will help you negotiate fees, upgrade options, financing terms, closing costs and much more.
  2. Lady and Associates will help you understand your contract clauses, riders and upgrade options and make sure you understand your obligations and needs *before* you close the deal and sign on the dotted line.  We will ensure you do not miss out on important opportunities throughout the process such as making changes in the construction process, navigating your walk-through, when to schedule construction inspections, etc.
  3. We can educate you on Indianapolis home builders.  Making sure you select the best builder to fit your needs.
  4. Most of all – we will save you TIME! Signing the contract is just the start of the process of buying a new home.  You need to compare financing options and terms, work with the title company to ensure a smooth, cost efficient, and timely closing, attend numerous inspections, and so much more throughout the construction process.


What's My Home Worth?

Want to know the value of your home? Lady and Associates can help with that.

Simply complete the required information on your home and you will receive a free analysis, indicating your home's approximate present value on the market today. You will receive this information quickly, via email, at no risk to you.



Buying A Home

Hiring an experienced agent can save you time and money with buying a home by: 

Helping you find the perfect home at the right price…so you don’t have to worry you bought the wrong home or paid too much. 

Providing you with direction and contacts to get pre-approved for a home loan…so you’re never lost trying to find the most affordable financing for your situation. 

Negotiating the best deal with the seller. You don't make money when you sell a home, you make money when you buy it! 

Coordinating all inspections, appraisals, escrow and title services, with the very best companies…so you feel confident and can focus on other tasks associated with your move.

Selling A Home

Hiring an experienced agent can net you more money and save you time selling your home by: 

Assisting you in pricing your home…so it sells for the most money possible, and you have more for your next home. 

Providing you exposure by marketing your property to other real estate agents and the public, through the official MLS.  Homes that sell fast sell for the most money! 

Screening buyer calls, showing buyers your property, and negotiating…so you don’t have to constantly be available, and know things are done correctly to sell your home. 

Coordinating the closing process including: opening an escrow account, completing requirements for a purchase contract (disclosures, inspections, and other legal documents)…so you don’t have to think about all the details and are protected.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Agent

  1. An Experienced Agent knows the Real Estate Market.  Davina is aware of what homes are out there and can point you in the direction of the home of your dreams.
  2. An Experienced Agent will guide you through problems that can surface during the process.   More than likely, Davina has dealt with almost every one of the problems and will keep your stress levels low. If something unexpected happens, she will guide through and handle it without you even knowing that a problem ever existed.
  3. Davina Lady has the certifications and on-going training current with today’s market.   Rather than having to research how to work the system yourself, you can rely on her to navigate you through the maze of buying and selling a house; saving you time and money. As an added bonus, Davina’s training is ongoing and updated regularly.
  4. An Experienced Agent is an experienced negotiator. Sure, it’s part of the business, but it is also a skill. Davina is proficient at making a deal for a desired selling price. Conversely, she can also negotiate a high asking price down to something more affordable for you, the buyer.
  5. And after being in the business for 20 years we have seen it all...and she is still here to talk about it, live it and love it every day.


Have any questions? Feel free to contact me